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The Latest

Vancouver School Board gets Mindful

Last month we had the pleasure of presenting our three-hour workshop on mindfulness to educators from The Vancouver School Board. With seventy spirited attendees, we moved through the latest information about stress and its effect on our health, followed by strategies...

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Pink Shirt Day with Nisga’a School District

I have always wanted to work with the First Nations peoples, those in remote villages, and this year I’ve been given the opportunity to do just that. With an understanding of inter-generational trauma and its effect on relationships I tread carefully as I support and...

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Our Philosophy

Life lessons belong in the classroom as well as the home.

It’s true: mindful connection to one’s community can change and save lives. Let’s face it, young people today (and their adults) are inundated with information, technological tools and a near-constant connectivity through social media that they find incredibly difficult to unplug from.

Their own bedrooms may not be the safe havens they used to be. What was once a private space is now a public forum, where a young person can be all alone and yet utterly exposed, reacting to provocation spontaneously in ways that can have serious long-term repercussions on their real-world relationships and reputations. And it’s happening constantly! This is their experience and we must do whatever we can to help them navigate these unchartered waters.

So, our workshops and presentations help people self-inquire, as well as improve their relationships with others. By educating about how to calm the mind we reduce anxiety and addiction. Ultimately, we empower students, teachers and adults igniting inspiration and hope in this oft confusing and ever changing world. … more

From Our Blog

Mindfulness in Nass Valley, BC

I’m the first one to say that profound and lasting learning usually takes place when we are uncomfortable, forced to step outside our comfort zones. Well, having just returned from a week up in Nass Valley, BC, I’ve lived that statement.

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Jodi gave me a voice. I was 15 and she was the first high school teacher to make me feel like my point of view really mattered and she made me see the creative possibilities within myself.

Philip Lyall

TV/film producer/writer/director

Ms. Derkson always created a safe, fun and comfortable classroom environment for all students. From day 1, it was clear she was someone that could be trusted and confided in. She’s a caring, funny and good-hearted person.

Jeff Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson Company

Thanks to you and your classes, I carry some skills and techniques that I still use to this very day.