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Vancouver School Board gets Mindful

Last month we had the pleasure of presenting our three-hour workshop on mindfulness to educators from The Vancouver School Board. With seventy spirited attendees, we moved through the latest information about stress and its effect on our health, followed by strategies...

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Pink Shirt Day with Nisga’a School District

I have always wanted to work with the First Nations peoples, those in remote villages, and this year I’ve been given the opportunity to do just that. With an understanding of inter-generational trauma and its effect on relationships I tread carefully as I support and...

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Our Philosophy

Life lessons belong in the classroom as well as the home.

It’s true: mindful connection to one’s community can change and save lives. Let’s face it, young people today (and their adults) are inundated with information, technological tools and a near-constant connectivity through social media that they find incredibly difficult to unplug from.

Their own bedrooms may not be the safe havens they used to be. What was once a private space is now a public forum, where a young person can be all alone and yet utterly exposed, reacting to provocation spontaneously in ways that can have serious long-term repercussions on their real-world relationships and reputations. And it’s happening constantly! This is their experience and we must do whatever we can to help them navigate these unchartered waters.

So, our workshops and presentations help people self-inquire, as well as improve their relationships with others. By educating about how to calm the mind we reduce anxiety and addiction. Ultimately, we empower students, teachers and adults igniting inspiration and hope in this oft confusing and ever changing world. … more

From Our Blog

Just Hold on a Minute!

Welcome to the Mindful Minute Nature Series – all it takes is one minute to reduce the negative effects of stress on your physical, mental and emotional system. Just watch – you can gift yourself this one minute of bliss!

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Mindfulness in Nass Valley, BC

I’m the first one to say that profound and lasting learning usually takes place when we are uncomfortable, forced to step outside our comfort zones. Well, having just returned from a week up in Nass Valley, BC, I’ve lived that statement.

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It’s not about you…but then again (SEL workshop for educators)

“Fantastic! Motivational! Inspiring! Eye Opening!”
Rabbi Lichtman

4-week Bullying Buster

“Jodi made a real effort to get to know our school community, and throughout our time together, it was evident that she cared about the students. She provided us with high-energy, interactive sessions and helped students build a repertoire of strategies to use in social situations. She was flexible in adjusting her activities to meet our students’ needs.”
Colette Foran, Principal, Immaculate Conception School, Vancouver

It’s not about you…but then again (SEL workshop for educators)

“Really powerful ways to encourage self-reflection and growth. I loved how you reframed ideas in new and innovative ways to promote developing into our best selves and teachers.”

The Rules of !mprovisation are the Rules of life

“I was so afraid to do this workshop but I’m glad I did. It’s important that I learned how to go with the flow more and to listen to my colleagues without too much attachment to my own agenda. Super powerful!”
F. Blakely, Vancouver teacher

Bullying for Educators Define. Resolve. Prevent

“Good, important information to share. And, very interesting!”
Mary K., Columbia College

It’s not about you…but then again (SEL workshop for educators)

“Jodi helps you focus on the value of education as a tool to help every student maximize their potential. This truth, although universally accepted, is rarely discussed and implemented in schools – which is a huge disservice to our children. Fantastic!”

It’s not about you…but then again (SEL workshop for educators)

“This workshop was useful is many ways: a time to reflect on my teaching practices; an opportunity to examine ways to help students deal with anxiety and their emotions through meditation and mindfulness; and a chance to reflect on how to be a happier, more positive person and find ways to help my students in these areas too!”
D. Lawrence, Vancouver

Negotiation for Women

“Jodi really demystified a lot of the mystique around negotiating at her workshop. So many women are uncomfortable and unsure about making demands at the beginning of a relationship. In addition to the validation, Jodi also offered alternative ways of phrasing and approaching situations that are effective and still true to who we are.”
Jade, Vancouver

The Rules of !mprovisation are the Rules of life

“Jodi led us through one exercise after another and before I knew it I was telling a story, in front of others, and having a blast! I didn’t know I was that creative!”
M. Mclallan, North Vancouver

Negotiation for Women

“Thank you for the encouragement, wisdom and practical advice.”
Sophia, Vancouver

It’s not about you…but then again (SEL workshop for educators)

“Jodi talks to you in a meaningful, relatable, and humorous way. She uses her own life and vulnerabilities to help us look at ourselves. Her practical examples can be used immediately in the classroom or in our other relationships.”
Lisa Altow

It’s not about you…but then again (SEL workshop for educators)

“Jodi is a captivating and dynamic presenter! Her workshop was a refreshing change from other workshops. It was fun, engaging and reflective, and covered important aspects of self care, and connecting with student and our school community. I’m left rejuvenated and refreshed!”
Denise @Killarney, Vancouver