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Just Hold on a Minute!

Welcome to the Mindful Minute Nature Series – all it takes is one minute to reduce the negative effects of stress on your physical, mental and emotional system. Just watch – you can gift yourself this one minute of bliss!

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Mindfulness in Nass Valley, BC

I’m the first one to say that profound and lasting learning usually takes place when we are uncomfortable, forced to step outside our comfort zones. Well, having just returned from a week up in Nass Valley, BC, I’ve lived that statement.

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Get Rid of the Bully Now!

Many of us simply do not know what to do when someone is picking on us. We are made to feel weak in the presence of someone who bullies us. Here are some strategies to help you take control and stop your bully!

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Forgive your Bully

Forgiveness is the path to freedom. Holding onto hate will only enslave you. I have heard from so many people about their horrid tales of being bullied when they were young. There is no doubt that being bullied is incredibly damaging. This person has been so cruel to...

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Mindfulness is Easy

Everyone is talking about mindfulness as if it is difficult to learn and separate from our daily life. The truth is that developing a practice isn’t complicated. It's primarily a way of being - of living each moment, more awake. Mindfulness as a Way of Life written by...

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Letting that Freak Flag fly!

This blog post might be met with pushback. Readers might feel that this is victim blaming, and while you might be right, the intention is to protect those kids from the constant exclusion and bullying they face on a regular basis. Let's be clear - I don't blame kids...

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This Too Shall Pass – Fostering Mindful Resilience in Teens

This past summer, while teaching summer school, I decided to truly teach mindfulness to a group of fifteen-year-olds. Writing a book for high school teachers on how to develop a practice in any class means that I had to walk the walk, or at least, silence the room....

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