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Bullying for Parents

Define – Resolve – Prevent

This presentation offers parents and families a chance to fully determine what can be classified as bullying, what to do when their child is being affected by it, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

By perceiving bullying as a relationship issue we place a lens on our community groups (school, family, neighbourhood, etc.) to better understand why young people might be hurting each other as they do. There are so many mixed messages in society today regarding the kind of person one should strive to become, and unfortunately, a lot of our ‘role models’ are less than exemplary. To make matters worse, anxiety is on the rise so our young people are reacting in some unhealthy ways – like hurting themselves or each other!

Undoubtedly, parents could always use some empathic support in this complex arena – their child’s social lives. As their child might be a victim or an aggressor, or even an ashamed and afraid bystander, parents could definitely use some informed support so that they can better handle each new situation as it arises.

Through a heart-centred yet practical approach, parents can equip themselves with some strategies to better guide their child towards a more connected social life. This session offers a practical cognitive method to support young people to take charge of their thoughts and learn to better control their re/actions in order to navigate their social world in a healthier manner.

The interactive presentation offers:

  • Effectively classifying bullying, and learning what to do when your child is a victim, an aggressor, or a bystander.
  • Strategies and systems for parents to handle bullying
  • Social and emotional initiatives to support parents

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The irony is that I preach mindfulness, and as I practice it, I’m changing because of it. Still, if only I can just be without concentrating so seriously on the art of being. So much of my energy is spent asking myself if I’m in the moment, instead of just being in the moment. I’m pulling myself out of my own life by reminding myself to constantly concentrate on it.

Just Hold on a Minute!

Welcome to the Mindful Minute Nature Series – all it takes is one minute to reduce the negative effects of stress on your physical, mental and emotional system. Just watch – you can gift yourself this one minute of bliss!

Mindfulness in Nass Valley, BC

I’m the first one to say that profound and lasting learning usually takes place when we are uncomfortable, forced to step outside our comfort zones. Well, having just returned from a week up in Nass Valley, BC, I’ve lived that statement.


S has been doing a lot better. Now that she has the tools from you she actually uses them on a daily basis. Even at home!! I see her so much stronger just in a few days after she met you for the first time. And her confidence! Wow!!! I’m so lucky to have met you. I really don’t know what I would have done. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends!! I see the difference in her she’s very out spoken now where as she used to keep everything inside. Her bullies are afraid of her now which makes me so happy – she can stand up for herself. Thank you Jodi.


Surrey, BC

After one session A has begun to use the tools Jodi taught her and is so much happier and engaging much better with her peers. She even handled a huge disappointment really well today. Jodi is incredibly intuitive and has a talent for quickly getting to the bottom line and helping the client own the solution.


Surrey, BC

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