Walking to the pool today, an elderly man in a wheelchair wildly gestures to me. He’s pointing at the pavement, where a summer hat lies, and then points to a woman and her daughter walking away.

I was shouldering my chair and a large bag, and quickly jumped to action. Yet, a man walking behind me beat me to it, and ran to pick up the hat and returned it to the grateful woman (who had no clue that her hat had fallen).

It was all so nice.

I realized, right then, how grateful I am to live in Canada.

You know, it’s the little things that we do for one another that make the biggest difference in our daily lives.

We might do a big act of generosity once a year, but it’s the little things we do daily that make an impact. Sometimes, when waving in a car to cut in in front of me, I feel a tinge of self-pride. Or, when genuinely asking a sales clerk how they are doing, and then actually listening to the answer – I walk away feeling more connected. It’s not rocket science, it’s just taking the time to notice others and to connect in any way we can.

These little acts help shape our communities. We have the power, through the smallest of gestures, to make our world better.

A little sure does go a long way!

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