The school year is almost over and teachers and parents and kids are TIRED!!!!

I know because I’ve been with you throughout the year. I’ve connected with you at your school, at conferences, online, and in life and you’ve told me! You’ve cried to me. You’ve shared your struggles with teaching, with self confidence, with the stress juggling the parents, administration, and student needs. I mentioned how solitary teaching can be and you’ve all vehemently nodded your agreement.  I wonder how you’ve been feeling during the quarantine.

I’ve missed talking to you in person. Laughing with you all.  Hugging you! Connecting. Hugs after workshops are no longer a thing. Face to face talks, complimenting you on your perfume or cologne…a thing of the past. Yet, I grab a hold of my ‘monkey mind’ and I get a grip.  This isolation is not forever!

Everything in life is temporary; a takeaway from the The Three Commitments by Pema Chodron is how we have a hard time accepting ‘the fundamental ambiguity of life’.  

Nothing is certain. It never was and it never will be. While we lament on the way things used to be we must remember that we will get back to some form of normalcy. Yet, we’ll have changed; that’s not always so bad. Plus, it’s inevitable.

So, what can I do? I asked myself. To connect…to serve my higher calling – my purpose.

I could give a workshop that I’ve only ever charged for! I could give back to educators and parents and hopefully, the time we spend together will impact their well being. After all, time spent on one’s self affects all of our relationships. Everyone benefits!

I’m gifting teachers and teacher parents a self-care workshop where we’ll have a chance to reflect on the school year through mindful reflection, sharing and connecting with one another, and practicing some self-care tools and tricks to use in daily life.  The lovely guided meditation will have you feeling like you’ve gone to the spa.

Shifting from teacher brain to summer brain can take a while.

Considering the stress you’ve all been under, this year will certainly not be any easier. So, take this time to reflect, let go, and let in!


Here’s what some teachers said about this workshop…

Jodi was exactly what the educators in our building needed!! If we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t take care of our students! Jodi not only reminded us of this in her beautifully formulated workshop, she gave us specific tools and new knowledge to encourage us on our teacher wellness journeys. – Michelle Johnson , Queen Elizabeth Secondary School , Surrey Schools

Teaching my students mindfulness, kindness and empathy is just as, if not more, important than teaching curriculum. I can’t be a good teacher and fill my students cups if my own cup is empty. – Katherine Janes, BC teacher

I can’t wait to spend quality time with you!

Jodi Derkson, Imperative Education

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