When I was teaching secondary school I realized there was a lack of focused discussion about the career that students feel would make them happy.  Youth are focused on their grades, their activities and friends, and what their parents want them to do.  They are asked some perfunctory questions about their direction in life; but are they taking a deeper look inward to grasp the truth regarding who they are, what they are good at, and what kind of career path could lead to their authentic happiness?  This path has nothing to do with anyone else but themselves, and it is time that we gave them the tools, the time, and the space in which to have thoughtful dialogue about their future.  This helpful yet deceivingly simple tool created by Hustle and Grind and published by AirTasker is great to open the discussion:

In life, we can do good and feel good or we can choose the alternative. Which would you choose if you could?  Inspired by Caitlin Boyle, of North Carolina, who posted anonymous positive notes in public places, Stefania Restagno from Montreal started an incredibly uplifting initiative at her high school. Caitlin began sticking Post-It notes filled with inspiring quotes on the mirror of the girls’ bathroom.  In no time the mirrors were filling up with more empowering quotes – something much needed in our overly critical world.  Youth are constantly plagued by the negative messages that permeate their minds as they gaze at themselves in the mirror.  For a girl, it can be disappointing and depressing when what passes through your mind is, “you are not enough. Your nose is too big.  You’re fat.”  So, Restagno is onto something…now let’s start posting these notes in our homes.  By changing the message, we can help choose the thoughts that better serve us.

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