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Ever since I can remember I’ve been super interested in how to consistently develop a growth mindset, rather than a fixed one.

Communications was my area of study at McGill University, where I opened my mind to various ideas of self-growth, relationship practices, and how we communicate to ourselves and to others.  

I moved to Vancouver where I used my communication skills on stage but somehow, acting wasn’t fulfilling. I started searching for a career that would really fulfill me, on a deeper level. That’s when it dawned on me – I should become a teacher!  

The lights went on.

In no time I found myself graduating from UBC and landing a full-time job with the Vancouver School Board. For ten incredible years I taught acting, and more importantly character development and continued my own studies to earn a Masters of Education from UBC.

Year after year I’d introduce topics of bullying, discrimination, mindfulness and positive relationship habits to my students and witnessed their vulnerability and imperative personal growth.

Self knowledge and acceptance is a super power. Consistent growth is a way to live a more connected, purposeful life. I am passionate about facilitating this process for people of all ages.

In 2012, I founded Imperative Education to share my unique curricula through experiential learning. Since then, I’ve been creating workshops for teachers, students, and businesses on bullying, mindfulness, self-care, social emotional intelligence, and team building through improvisation.

I look forward to working with you!


I have worked with Jodi Derkson (Imperative Education), in the field of human connection, race awareness work, mindfulness, and teen problem areas in their digital world and I have always been so impressed with her knowledge, her passion and her ability to reach her audiences.
Heather Schuetze

Former Head of Personal Counseling, St. Georges School, Vancouver

Jodi somehow created an environment where all of us felt individually accepted and cared for. More importantly, she taught us to see others in our class through a lens of common humanity.
Tamarah Prevost

Future Lawyer

I am absolutely stunned by how fast things turned around for our daughter! A month ago we were considering pulling her out of school and now she sounds so happy and good! Whatever you did must have been right!

One on One Counselling, Vancouver, BC

This was an incredibly useful session. Very personal and genuine with a lot of useful, practical tips. Very much enjoyed the embracing who you are attitude. I feel like I have a tangible take-away!
Katie Berezan

Negotiation Workshop to Empower Women, Vancouver, BC

Jodi is funny, lights up the room, and is an excellent, lively facilitator!
Angela Convery

Negotiation Workshop to Empower Women, Vancouver, BC

After one session A has begun to use the tools Jodi taught her and is so much happier and engaging much better with her peers. She even handled a huge disappointment really well today. Jodi is incredibly intuitive and has a talent for quickly getting to the bottom line and helping the client own the solution.

One on One Counselling, Surrey, BC

Ms. Derkson always created a safe, fun and comfortable classroom environment for all students. From day 1, it was clear she was someone that could be trusted and confided in. She’s a caring, funny and good-hearted person.
Jeff Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson Company

S has been doing a lot better. Now that she has the tools from you she actually uses them on a daily basis. Even at home!! I see her so much stronger just in a few days after she met you for the first time. And her confidence! Wow!!! I’m so lucky to have met you. I really don’t know what I would have done. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends!! I see the difference in her she’s very out spoken now where as she used to keep everything inside. Her bullies are afraid of her now which makes me so happy – she can stand up for herself. Thank you Jodi.

One on One Counselling, Surrey, BC

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