Why we do what we do...

We all want to feel CONNECTED


Let’s face it, people today are inundated with information. Our technological tools afford us a near-constant connectivity we find incredibly difficult to unplug from.


What was once private spaces are now public forums. Sometimes we feel utterly exposed, yet alone. At times, we find ourselves reacting to social media or situations in ways that compromise our relationships and reputations. People are bullied 24/7, work is inescapable, and we’re burnt out! We wish to gain better control of ourselves but we don’t know how!


This is reality.


We get it. So, we’ve decided to help educators, parents, business leaders, and young people connect better with themselves and with others in ways that work.  Our workshops on bullying, social emotional learning, mindfulness, communication, leadership, and confidence aim to facilitate experiences to show people how to live more rich, joyful, and authentic lives.  


Let’s begin by learning how to live more mindfully.


We encourage courageous self-inquiry. Interactive experiential education guides us to bravely experience and shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We really do believe that people learn best through experience. So, we provide the opportunities and love serving people of all ages and walks of life.


You can feel more connected and empowered in your life! 


It’s through ongoing character development that we become better at managing our emotions and understanding how they affect the choices we make, the relationships we have and our outlook in life. Our work includes student workshops, professional development, events, and individual coaching. With a light hearted approach, we support others to develop practices to improve all areas of their life.  

Meet Imperative Education founder, Jodi in a 20 minute Check-In to discuss your ideas and requests. Note: cost effective bundles available for schools or individuals. 

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We're HERE for YOU!

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I offer individual and group coaching to help youth & adults manage their anxiety and mental health with ease.

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