As you know, choosing your thoughts during a pandemic is growing more and more challenging as this virus builds steam.There is so much irony in this world – and I’m a perfect example. So, I give workshops both live and virtually on mindfulness, self-care, and conscious communication. Yet, during this pandemic, I’m feeling more and more stressed and, to be honest –  downright afraid.

Life has always been uncertain! I tell myself.

Yet, I often find myself falling down the rabbit hole of worry, fear, and hopelessness. I guide people to NOT do this! At the same time, I’m doing it to myself.

The helpers need help too!

Experts study the very practices I instruct others to adopt.  Ones like meditating and breathing before reacting to any given thought or situation.  Positive affirmations to counter the negative thoughts so as to reduce the potency and impact of these demons.  Morning rituals to armour ourselves with intention and courage as we move into our day. I practice them myself yet I have my off days too.

Doomscrolling is getting the best of me.

Social media is not always productive.  Yet, I want to stay on top of the news and learn the ways I can stay safe.  The fact that I’m only supposed to be with six people max is impossible. Today I head to an elementary school to give a workshop on mindfulness and how to de-stress to at least 45 kids!  I wear a shield but how in the world can I wear a mask too and be heard by these kids who need me?!!!

What do I do? What will happen? Am I putting myself and everyone at risk?!!!

I don’t know. I can only do my best. As my life’s purpose is to truly serve people of all ages, and to direct people toward more self-care, I have to do the work.  Plus, it’s how I pay the bills.  So, today, as I was opening my emails I found this wonderful article about shining a light on just a few thoughts in any given moment – rather than thinking of everything at once.  After all, that’s maddening!

So, the helper receives the help!

I’ll share it with you – have a quick read and acquire much needed tools to deal with this damn pandemic and all of the pain we feel as a worldwide collective of confused, anxious, hopeless people.

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