Sites that are Potentially Damaging
A website where users can ask and answer others’ questions with the option of doing so anonymously.

Bash Board
An online bulletin board on which individuals can post anything they want. Often, posts are malicious and hateful statements directed against another person.

An app that allows users to share their secrets anonymously with other users using text and images. Individuals input their secret (or another self-disclosing message) into the app, select a relevant picture as a background, and then post it for others to like, comment on, or share with others.

Cyber Bullying Terms

In the online world, catfishing refers to the practice of setting up a fictitious online profile, most often for the purpose of luring another into a fraudulent romantic relationship.

Sending angry, rude, or obscene messages directed at a person or persons privately or an online group. A “flamewar” erupts when “flames” are sent back and forth between individuals repeatedly.

Happy Slapping
An extreme form of bullying where physical assaults are recorded on electronic devices like phones, and then sent to others or posted online. This term is more commonly used in the United Kingdom.

The sending or receiving of sexually-explicit or sexually-suggestive images or video via phone or the Internet.

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