GIRLsmarts4tech is an outreach program aimed at inspiring girls to explore technology. Founded through the University of British Columbia’s Computer Science Department, the program is now jointly presented by UBC and an industry partner, SAP. GIRLsmarts4tech reaches girls in grades six and seven from around Vancouver, including lower-income areas. During the day-long workshop, girls learn about various aspects of computer science, such as programming and web design, as well as how computer science applies in other fields and disciplines. The purpose of the workshop is to inspire girls to begin or continue pursuing an interest in computer science, whether that manifests as a career or as a hobby.

Computer science is an exciting and expanding field, which now permeates all aspects of our lives, including social interactions, learning and education, healthcare, and more. In order to continue developing innovative and life-changing technologies, a more diverse community of thinkers and innovators is needed. And that’s where GIRLsmarts4tech comes in – with the goal of diversifying the computer science community by encouraging young women to become part of it.

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