Articles are circulating about the dangers of the ever ubiquitous Wifi.  Let’s be honest, the thought that our beloved Wifi is actually harmful to our health would, well, harm our health! But take heed because the results are inconclusive.  It seems to me that our worries should be more about our addiction to our devices and our being more sedentary because of it than the dangers of WiFi.   Kids are losing the will to truly connect to people, and make eye contact or have a conversation in person, and that might be more harmful to their health than any WiFi can ever be.

Dr. Mary Swingle worries about today’s youth and the focus on i-technology:

“It’s a time when we’re learning the adult roles of acceptance and rejection,” Swingle explained. “I feel that i-technology and i-media are having what I refer to as a negative bridging. A lot of the children aren’t facing that awkwardness. If you look at a lot of youth now, they have trouble communicating face to face without the mediator.”

Here are a few articles debating the topic of Wifi and technology and whether it is doing more harm than good or more good than harm. But, nothing is conclusive, says Helen Sanders of So, we might just have to wait a while before the results are in.  That said, there is no doubt that doing any one thing too often, like sitting at the computer, can have a negative impact on one’s social life and overall health.  So, once you read these articles step away from your computer and go outside or find a human being to connect with, or both!

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