We all know that bullying is a serious issue and that it causes a lot of suffering in people of all ages.  As one of the presenters, I invite you to join Mindful Play Summit!  Learn about Bullying and Healthy Communication with me. I candidly share my views on Bullying as a relationship issue.  We can all learn a lot about how we treat others, and how we agree to be treated by others so REGISTER to attend (my session is on September 24th, 2020). 

My friend, Crystal Jensen has brought together 20+ guest speakers to ​share their stories, struggles and breakthroughs while emphasizing the benefits of play-based learning and mindful practices in children and the incredible way these skills can advance on to adulthood. As we know, bullying is a hot topic and so I’m so excited to be fusing mindfulness and bullying in this hour long presentation.

As you may know, I also offer bullying workshops and counselling for youth and adults, educators, school groups, and corporations.  We can all benefit from learning how to improve our communication practices. Emotions get in our way, and we wind up behaving mindlessly rather than mindfully.  We can change this reactivity.

Wouldn’t we all prefer to live in a world where children have the abilities to understand their emotions and feelings? A world where children have a sense of appreciation, gratitude & contentment – while not struggling with their mental well-being? Imagine, instead of having angry outbursts and tears your children are equipped with the tools to self regulate and just breathe!

If you are anything like me, you KNOW why Mindfulness & Play are so important to teach our children.

  • –  Improved Emotional Regulation
  • –  Increased Self Esteem
  • –  Decreased Worry
  • –  Improvement in Social Skills
  • –  Better Decision Making
  • –  Improved Concentration

The list goes on.

We know this is a challenging time not only for children – but the planet. Depression and Anxiety are on the rise, outside time is being replaced by copious amounts of screen time.
Is it possible to get our children back on track? Absolutely. Join the Mindful Play Summit to find out how.

It starts with us – the parents, the caretakers, the educators.That’s why I am so excited for you to join ​The Mindful Play Summit​. I get to speak about my passion: how to put a stop to bullying!  Yet, it’s not so simple.  There are so many variables when someone is being mistreated.  My session is on September 24th – can’t wait to see you there!!

The Summit is free, but you have to claim your seat to get access. Join the Mindful Play Summit: REGISTER TODAY.

See you there!

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