We keep hearing it, “BREATHE! Just take some time for yourself!” And for some of us that’s not only daunting, but pretty annoying too. We’re trying but…

Well, I’m going to be one of those annoying people by firmly letting you know that you can do this simple thing for your health. You can. You do have one single minute to hold onto.

Warning: continuing to read this may result in a reduction of anxiety and a rejuvenation of spirit. Time that it will all take place: 3 minutes.

All that I care about is helping people. I simply can’t help myself. When I hear someone express a problem, a need – I get to work figuring out how to be of service. The selfish feeling of complete bliss that I get when I’ve helped someone figure out some part of their life, or move someone out of a place of pain…well… there’s nothing that makes my life more worthwhile.

This Imperative Education business is based on doing the following: helping people become happier, healthier sooner in life… I work with the young to the old(er). All offering ways to look at ourselves with less judgment and more active love. One bit of active love you can do for yourself is watch this minute-long sunset. I can barely believe that I managed to capture an entire sunset in exactly ONE MINUTE but I did.

This is the start of the Mindful Minute Nature Series.

When you care – Please share!

Mindful Minute – a sun sets



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