If you have kids at home this summer if would serve you, your household, and most importantly them if there was a focus on the good rather than the bad. Rachel Macy Stafford, aka Hands Free Mama, has a compelling blog, www.handsfreemama.com,  sharing ways in which she’s been putting aside distractions so that she can positively focus on her children. This particular blog about truly noticing the good in our children or our students speaks volumes about how a simple exercise can quickly transform the household dynamic. It all started when one of her children, when practicing the ukulele, got frustrated because she thought she wasn’t good enough and exclaimed that her mother’s criticism was making her anxious. This led the “mama” to take a good look at herself. It inspired her to pull out the “good jar” and it worked!

She writes: My child’s painful words revealed the destructive nature of criticism. Immediately, I thought of other instances when being overly critical caused regression, not improvement in my children. It became clear to me that constant corrections were not helping my children become more successful, more productive, more effective, or more fulfilled. Being critical was hindering my children’s gifts and causing them to be unsure of their abilities. Criticism was diminishing their unique lights that made them who they are. That’s when I decided no more. I wanted to Notice the Good.

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