Mindfulness and lessons for children and adults during Covid19 are on high demand. I’ve always been passionate about the mental, social, and emotional state of kids. Naturally, I’m concerned about kids at home during the quarantine and how they’re physically distanced from their friends. When people are socially isolated – their mental and emotional health is impacted. Parents are also stressed as they do their best to teach their kids and assist them in their learning. Naturally, they’re finding it so daunting! Yet, we can certainly ease up a bit as we navigate this challenging time.  How about we go easy on ourselves during this quarantine? By letting go, we can grow creative in the actions we take, what we choose to learn and focus on, and how we have the power to check in with ourselves to remind ourselves that ‘this too shall pass’.

Replace the WHAT IFs with the WHAT IS

One suggestion I have for you is to reduce your anxiety regarding the pervasive uncertainty circulating. Whenever you find yourself going down the rabbit hole, reframe your thoughts by focusing on what you CAN control. To help you I’ve created YouTube videos on mindfulness, social emotional learning, and homeschooling lessons for parents so that everyone can gain control of their mental and emotional state.

Clearly, we are not feeling safe or comfortable. This is natural. There isn’t one way to BE during this crisis, as we’ve never gone through something like this before. Are their opportunities? We can reframe our anxious thoughts by focusing on our health (and our gratitude for it); our loved ones (and appreciation for them); and our own self-development (tiny habits and little steps we choose to take to better ourselves). If we can just go a bit easier on ourselves, yet also wake up with a daily plan in mind, then we’ll be less stressed.


My YouTube videos are on mindfulness, social skills, gratitude practice, and more. Subscribe to the channel so that you don’t miss out on new videos which are being added weekly. Parents (and teachers) can enjoy the support and ideas in home schooling through Imperative Parents (the first video is how to create original and excellent paragraphs – good for all ages!).

I’ll continue to do whatever I can to help everyone calm down, reflect, get creative, connect in new ways, and create some work, every week. If we are all thinking, communicating, creating, and doing our part in staying realistic and mindful, then we will find the whole quarantine time a lot easier.

Please reach out if you’d like resources, home support, virtual professional development sessions for staff, and counselling.

Stay safe! Focus on the positive! Tiny steps! You got this!

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