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Bullying In Your Business

As we know bullying doesn’t remain in school. In fact, those who bully or those who are victims, tend to take their habits of thought and communication into the workplace. Just because we are adults does not mean that we’ve learned how to work on ourselves. This workshop helps teams see the truth behind their words and re/actions without shame, guides them towards alternate ways of communicating, and brings them together with a common goal of getting along.

Workplace bullying and harassment is simply not allowed in BC, so it’s best to initiate the conversation about how business members are treating each other in order to foster healthier work place relationships.

When we work together with less power struggles and more collaboration, our productivity increases. When we are more productive, business increases.

The Rules of !mprovisation
Are The Rules of Life!

All ages. Duration: 1.5-2 hours
A dynamic and fun workshop to improve social dynamics and to teach mindfulness through a unique experience.
What is !mprovisation? Acting without a script… just like LIFE!

The workshop will have participants moving, creating, and laughing while practicing The Rules of Improvisation: Yes-and! Listen. No blocking. Be in the moment. Give and Take. Have fun! to foster mindfulness, as well as healthy collaboration. Stepping outside their comfort zones, participants will be guided to consciously delve deeply into their own strengths and challenges, while working towards common goals in a group. The workshop leaves participants with more clarity regarding their own nature, interpersonal communication and habits of collaboration.

This workshop is perfect for any group wishing to find its creative flow and is facilitated in a safe and compassionate manner. Confronting ourselves in each given moment, as we navigate our way through life, is both daunting and challenging but it can be easier than we think when we learn to let go, listen and trust in ourselves and the group with whom we share some common goals.

Mindfully engaging with others can teach us more about ourselves than we ever dreamed!


Self – Other – Community
This interactive yet introspective workshop offers participants a wonderful step away from the bells, schedule and time crunches. Life moves quickly and when we work in schools, with hordes of young people milling about, needing our time or expertise, some mindful downtime can be just what the doctor ordered. Self-inquiry and practical exercises help foster an increased connection to our self, to the people around us, and to our community. This workshop offers your mind some respite from its daily thoughts and stresses.

The workshop will inspire participants to look inward with less judgment, with the intention of finding some peace of mind with a more positive, healthy outlook. It aims to connect people to their lives in a more profound way. Activities include: guided meditation; a presentation on mindfulness and how to truly calm the mind so that the body, and emotions will follow; and various methods of self-inquiry. The workshop will leave participants refreshed and inspired with helpful takeaways to continue the work in their daily lives.

Topics of mindful inquiry:

THE SELF: attaining essential knowledge through self-inquiry, meditation and discussion
THE OTHER: breaking down our relationship/communication practices to improve on them
COMMUNITY: Developing our work environment to insure that everyone feels connected, safe and supported.

Jodi is an empowered, beautiful person. She shared her life journey of mindfulness with humility, joy and passion.


Jodi has an engaging charisma that brings careful attention to everyday practices of self love.
Alex Barry


I’m thrilled to have been here. Such good energy! Amazing workshop. Totally present!
Michelle Clarelin


Workshops For Everyone

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Negotiation Workshop

A dynamic workshop specifically designed for women in business
who wish to up their game, talk the talk, and get the deal!
Informative and practical! Fun and interactive!

Topics covered:

  • Blind Salary Negotiation – What to do when you go into an interview but have no idea what kind of salary they are offering.
  • Negotiating Sales by creating BATNAS and isolating objections along with tips and tricks to closing the deal.
  • We practice and openly discuss how to present yourself with the kind of confidence that gets results.
  • Stories – from guest professional business people who share their own negotiation stories, their process, and what they’ve learned along the way.
Jodi really demystified a lot of the mystique around negotiating at her workshop. So many women are uncomfortable and unsure about making demands at the beginning of a relationship. In addition to the validation, Jodi also offered alternative ways of phrasing and approaching situations that are effective and still true to who we are.


This was an incredibly useful session. Very personal and genuine with a lot of useful, practical tips. Very much enjoyed the embracing who you are attitude. Thank you so much for providing the space to make these conversations happen. I feel like I have a tangible take-away.
Katie Berezan


Jodi’s workshop was informative and practical. I feel so much more confident in my negotiations now!
Jessica C.


Thank you for the encouragement, wisdom and practical advice.


Really, really awesome. It was great to talk about talking money: asking for what you want, what you’ll take, and what you can walk away from (because it’s totally okay to walk away!). I recommend this workshop!
B. Stewart


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