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Individual Anti-Bullying Counselling

Too many young people are blindly moving through their lives. Every day is a challenge, full of mental and emotional pain. To them, this is just the way their life is and things won’t change. Their thoughts tell them harmful messages, their behavior reflects these untruths. Their emotions are getting the better of them. They don’t know what to do – or what can possibly be done to change things for the better.

One on one counseling can guide a young person towards a healthier and happier version of their true self. Through inquiry, exercises, discussion, and practical weekly homework young people will gain control of their lives. Their negative mindset and corresponding emotions will shift and their social skills will improve. The shift will teach them an important lesson in life – we can control our thoughts and we do not have to be enslaved by our emotions.

Through cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, anxiety reducing breath work, and role-play Imperative Education’s founder and certified educator, Jodi Derkson, steers her young clients toward a healthier mind frame and a happier life. Jodi has worked with young people for over fifteen years and has a knack for developing trust with those she is fortunate enough to work with. Through humour, compassion and tough love Jodi’s clients arrive at a place where they feel more in control of their thoughts and re/actions, and more accepting and loving of themselves and those that surround them (even the bully!).

Success Stories

I am absolutely stunned by how fast things turned around for our daughter! A month ago we were considering pulling her out of school and now she sounds so happy and good! Whatever you did must have been right!

Vancouver, BC

S has been doing a lot better. Now that she has the tools from you she actually uses them on a daily basis. Even at home!! I see her so much stronger just in a few days after she met you for the first time. And her confidence! Wow!!! I’m so lucky to have met you. I really don’t know what I would have done. I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends!! I see the difference in her she’s very out spoken now where as she used to keep everything inside. Her bullies are afraid of her now which makes me so happy – she can stand up for herself. Thank you Jodi.

Surrey, BC

After one session A has begun to use the tools Jodi taught her and is so much happier and engaging much better with her peers. She even handled a huge disappointment really well today. Jodi is incredibly intuitive and has a talent for quickly getting to the bottom line and helping the client own the solution.

Surrey, BC

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