I have always wanted to work with the First Nations peoples, those in remote villages, and this year I’ve been given the opportunity to do just that.

With an understanding of inter-generational trauma and its effect on relationships I tread carefully as I support and inspire this unique community in Nass Valley, BC. For three days in February, we will build up to a community wide Pink Shirt Day celebration.

Bullying is a relationship issue – which includes relationship to ‘self’ and relationships to the ‘other’. Naturally, when one doesn’t feel confident or is suffering from trauma, it is hard to be kind to others. Fostering healthy relationships can prove to be the ultimate challenge for many who are stuck in a cycle of self-deprecation and insecurity. So, with our next visit to the Nass Valley this February, we will be offering our Anti-Bullying in Action workshops to the students, our Social Emotional Learning workshop for educators and a presentation about bullying for parents where we will define, resolve and prevent. Our goal is for everyone to be better informed and to feel more empowered to take action to put a stop to bullying in their remote community.

On our Pink Shirt Day event, we will collaborate with students from Alvin A. Mackay Elementary School. Giving the students a voice to express ways in which they want their community members to relate to one another, to support each other, should be inspiring. We can’t wait!

Happy Pink Shirt Day!

May you all find the power to be kinder to one another!

Jodi Derkson, MEd

After attending UBC and earning her degrees, Jodi taught full-time for over ten years in the public school system creating student-centered curricula to guide her students towards a more knowledgeable and loving view of themselves and others. Jodi introduced topics of bullying, discrimination, mindfulness and positive relationship habits into her classes and celebrated students’ achievements as if they were her own.


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