I’m so very grateful for the people who attended my event: Self. Other. Community. on July 24th!

Everyone was open and vulnerable and that’ something to celebrate.

We shared some truths, stepped outside our comfort zones, and immersed ourselves in learning about one another and essentially, more about ourselves.

We all figured that it’s a pretty good idea to work on all that we can to live better, happier lives.
I mean…who doesn’t want to be happy, right?

The workshops were mini-versions of longer ones I facilitate on the following topics:
Social Emotional Learning. It’s not about you…but then again.
Anti-Bullying in Action with kids demonstrating the fun, theatrical way we deep dive into the topics (with an intention to empower people to know what to do when faced with power imbalances).
Mindful Relationships which helps us all lift our heads up from our devices to truly connect with one another.
The Rules of Improv are the Rules of Life! A super dynamic and outside the box kind of team building workshop for people of all ages. Such a blast!

We can all practice mindfulness on the daily. While we’re at it, we can also engage with one another in a more conscious, productive manner. Plus, we can shift our thinking to honour ourselves more, and to be more patient as we move through life.

So great-ful for all of the wonderful workshop participants! Enjoy the pics!

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