Our educator workshop entitled: It’s not about you…but then again is always met with great enthusiasm.

Through humour, current facts, multi-media, in-depth inquiry and mindfulness tools teachers of Ecole Westbridge Elementary school engaged in a unique Pro-D day with us last month. Time flew as we moved through our presentation, providing educators with food for thought to guide themselves and their students toward a more tuned in way of living. The workshop helped teachers develop and teach tools to better understand themselves, manage behaviour, increase focus and foster emotional resiliency.

Moving through life can feel a lot more connected when we take the time to reflect on our perceptions, behaviour and relationship practices. Acceptance and self-love can be fostered when we take the time to be more conscious, more aware of our thoughts and emotions. In so doing, we are better prepared to let go of that which doesn’t serve us, adapt ways of behaving to honour our greatest goals and harvest healthier relationships in all of our communities.

Feedback from this workshop:

“Thank you for being a catalyst for deep level conversation. Principal”,
– Dave Mclean

“Thank you so much for your energy and candor! I come away feeling inspired to engage even more with my students, colleagues, loved ones, everyone”!
– Sylvia, teacher

“Jodi gave an inspiring and interactive workshop. It sparked ideas for me on both personal and professional levels for building empathy, connections and being present”,
– Maya, teacher

“The SEL workshop was a great learning experience and should be attended by all Burnaby SD”,
Radojka Gordic, teacher

“Great exercises in self-reflection and excellent strategies that can be used right away to improve your life”,
– Gurjeet Bhatti, teacher

Jodi Derkson, MEd

After attending UBC and earning her degrees, Jodi taught full-time for over ten years in the public school system creating student-centered curricula to guide her students towards a more knowledgeable and loving view of themselves and others. Jodi introduced topics of bullying, discrimination, mindfulness and positive relationship habits into her classes and celebrated students’ achievements as if they were her own.


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