Smart parents give their children a million answers. Wise parents ask their children a million questions.

Some parents find it hard to have decent conversations with their kids. The familial habits of communication might entail the parent asking a list of questions and the child answering with one word answers. Glennon Doyle Melton ( shares her love of meaningful communication, “Getting to know ourselves and others is the greatest adventure. We are explorers of ourselves and the people we love. Love is the ongoing process of unlocking each other and keeping safe whatever we find. Thoughtful questions are the keys we use to do the unlocking and safekeeping.” So, when one of her children came home with the Conversation Jar filled with strips of papers with thought provoking questions on them she realized that dinner time was about to become a heck of a lot more interesting.

Up to that point Glennon had been struggling to inspire profound discussions at the dinner table, this jar was a most welcome addition to their family. “ There we are, looking at each other over a table with nothing between us but open space and time and love . . . and I cannot think of a single interesting thing to ask them. I got nothing. I’m a mother, so I’m tired. It’s just impossible to be creative when you’re tired. And so here’s what I end up saying: “So – how was your day?” Every parent knows that this rusty “how was your day” key doesn’t work but we keep trying it because it’s the only one we can find.” Well, the jar solved the boredom and exhaustion factors and livened up dinner time.

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