I’ve heard it said many times: “Social Emotional Learning is not ADDING to the plate, it IS THE PLATE!”
Naturally, I couldn’t agree more! Students deeply connected to themselves, others and their communities feel regulated. It’s a pretty safe feeling to face life’s challenges daily with tools that really work. Having this foundation helps kids reach for the stars – or, at the very least, pay attention and enjoy school more.

Relationship building must be taught and anti-bullying has to be practiced in engaging ways, so emotional resiliency must be attempted through a variety of mindfulness activities, writing, and open discussion.

SEL is Proven

Yet, as we know, most teachers are pretty focused on their curriculum and on the marking and report deadlines. They’re dealing with the day to day stresses of being in a school environment and really believe that Social Emotional Learning is extra, but, it has been proven, Social Emotional Learning will make all of the daily stresses a lot less stressful and students will improve scholastically in your classes simply because they are more engaged when in school. Pretty simple right?

Not all teachers are comfortable with playing a role in developing their students’ characters but character is by far the largest indicator of whether or not someone will ‘succeed’ in their life. It’s a fact.

Social Emotional Learning has everything to do with learning and there are ways to implement little tools and lessons into any and all classrooms. All you have to do is ask!

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SEL for educators: It’s not about you…but then again
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Jodi, founder, Imperative Education, Learning Through Experience

Jodi Derkson, MEd

After attending UBC and earning her degrees, Jodi taught full-time for over ten years in the public school system creating student-centered curricula to guide her students towards a more knowledgeable and loving view of themselves and others. Jodi introduced topics of bullying, discrimination, mindfulness and positive relationship habits into her classes and celebrated students’ achievements as if they were her own.


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